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Máy tạo nước kiềm Panasonic

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Bringing You a Healthy Lifestyle with Safe Alkaline Ionized Water

Simply attaching the TK-AS700 to the faucet in your kitchen allows you to easily create alkaline ionized water, weak acidic water, and purified water. The purified water is cleaned of 19 harmful substances found in tap water, as well as bacteria and virus particles, and the alkaline ionized water is completely safe to drink. The TK-AS700 offers ideal support for your healthy life choices.

Alkaline Ionized Water for a Healthier Stomach

The effect alkaline ionized water has on improving gastrointestinal symptoms has been approved under the regulations of the Japan Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act (PMD Act).

Safe with Stable pH

Clinical trials have not confirmed whether alkaline ionized water with a pH of more than 10 is safe to drink. However, when the water flow volume is low, excessive electrolysis of the water can cause the pH to exceed 10. With the TKAS700, optimal detection of water flow volume and water quality ensures the stable generation of safe alkaline ionized water with a pH of less than 10.

Extracts More Flavor from Tea

More components are extracted from tea leaves in alkaline ionized water. Even with a small amount of tea leaves, you can enjoy a delicious cup of tea.

Effectively Supports Daily Cooking

Alkaline ionized water permeates food more than other water, and has special effects such as extracting flavor and making food tender. Boiling ingredients in alkaline ionized water can also help to remove harsh tastes.

A Worry-free Life Starts with Safe, Clean Water

For baby milk, taking medicine, washing food, etc., safe, clean water is needed by everyone every day. Thorough water purification lets you enjoy a worry-free life.

For Washing Your Face and Washing Dishes

Weak acidic water has nearly the same pH as skin, so it’s gentle on the skin. You are recommended to wash your face with it every day. Acidic water is effective at removing tea stains, and so is ideal for washing dishes.

Thoroughly Filtered, Pure, Worry-free Water

The water from this Panasonic alkaline ionizer is thoroughly purified by a high performance cartridge featuring an Ultra Filtration membrane that can even remove viruses. Water sources may contain invisible harmful substances that are bad for health or cause odors. Accumulation of these substances in the body can cause physical disorders.

Removes 19 Harmful Substances

While keeping minerals such as calcium that don’t need to be removed, the filter removes 19 harmful substances as per the Japanese Industrial Standard JIS S3201, such as chlorine, chloroform, and iron.

4-stage Purification System

The filters are made of four kinds of materials with different sized holes: Non-woven fabric, ceramic, activated carbon, and an Ultra Filtration type hollow fiber membrane. *Image is for illustrative purposes only.

Removes Virus Particles Just 10 nm in Size

Most viruses are 100 nm or less in size, so they can‘t be removed by a conventional MF type membrane. Since the UF membrane is 10 to 100 times finer than an MF membrane, it can remove viruses in addition to bacteria. *Image is for illustrative purposes only.

We Use NSF42 Certified Activated Carbon

Activated carbon (APG-05TGA 60/200 manufactured by Kuraray Chemical Co.,Ltd.) used in this product is tested and certificated by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material requirements only. (Check Date: 2022.6.1) *Image is for illustrative purposes only.

6000 L of Clear Water with Just 1 Cartridge

Just one cartridge can purify around 6,000 L of water. The cartridge can last for a whole year even when purifying 15 L of water a day, reducing the time and effort spent on cartridge replacements. Eliminating the need to purchase bottled water can not only save money, but it can also help to reduce waste from plastic and glass bottles disposal.

Large, easy-to-understand color LCDs

The display shows pH, selected water quality, guidance on hydrogen concentration, and more. It also shows estimates on when the cartridge needs to be replaced.

Suitable for confined spaces

The alkaline ionizer can be installed in a space only 10 cm deep, allowing it to be placed neatly in a small kitchen.

Easy water flow switch

The lever enables easy switching between purified water, unpurified water, and unpurified shower water with a simple operation.

Generates large volumes of water with a stable pH

A five-layer electrode with a large surface area enables powerful electrolyzation of purified water.

Little wasted water

The alkaline ionizer achieves a 16:1 ratio between discharged water and wastewater. Further, the wastewater when generating alkaline ionized water is acidic and can thus be used to soak and wash dirty plates.

No under-sink work required

You can install it yourself, as there is no need to switch the under-sink faucet connection or drill holes in the kitchen top panel.

Easy cartridge replacement

Remove the cover from the back of the alkaline ionizer, push down and pull the cartridge towards you, and lift up to remove. Do the opposite to install.

  • Generates 7 kinds of water: 4 levels alkaline, purified, 2 levels acidic

  • High performance 4-stage filtration removes 19 harmful substances

  • Advanced water purification with an Ultra Filtration membrane removes 99.9% of viruses and 99.999% of bacteria

  • 6000 L of clear water with 1 cartridge

  • Compact and flat design that fits in the kitchen

Size and Weight


*Main unit **Approx. 4.3 kg when full of water

Rated voltage, frequency, input current220-240 V ~ , 50 Hz, 0.65 A
Rated power consumptionApprox. 130 W (approx. 1 W during standby)
Main unitDimensionsApprox. 180(W) × 115(D) × 328(H) mm(Depth including LCD display: 123 mm)
WeightApprox. 3.8 kg (approx. 4.3 kg when full of water)
Temperature of water used by Alkaline IonizerUnder 35 °C (under 80 °C for bypass selector)
Pressure of water used by Alkaline Ionizer (dynamic pressure)70 kPa to 350 kPa
Usable water service pressure (static pressure)70 kPa to 750 kPa
ElectrolysisElectrolysis methodContinuous electrolysis
Output water volume (flow of water produced)Alkaline water : 1.5 L/min. [at 100 kPa water pressure] (“Standard” mode)Weak acidic water : 1.3 L/min. [at 100 kPa water pressure]
Electrolysis capability selectionAlkaline: 4 levels; weak acidic: 2 levels
Continuous operation capabilityApprox. 10 minutes at room temperature (Note 1)
Electrolyzer lifeApprox. 850 hours cumulative(ion water production time, cleaning time only)
Electrolytic cleaningAuto cleaning method
Purified water output volume1.6 L/min. [at 100 kPa water pressure]
Filtration flow volume1.6 L/min. [at 100 kPa water pressure] (Note 2)
Cartridge Installed In the unitTK-AS700C-EX
Purification capacityFree residual chlorine6000 L (Note 2,3)
Turbidity6000 L (Note 2, 4)
Chloroform6000 L (Note 2, 5)
Total trihalomethane6000 L (Note 2, 5)
Bromodichloromethane6000 L (Note 2, 5)
Dibromochloromethane6000 L (Note 2, 5)
Bromoform6000 L (Note 2, 5)
Tetrachloroethylene6000 L (Note 2, 5)
Trichloroethylene6000 L (Note 2, 5)
CAT (pesticide)6000 L (Note 2, 3)
2-MIB (mold smell)6000 L (Note 2, 3)
Soluble lead6000 L (Note 2, 3)
1,2-DCE6000 L (Note 2, 5)
Benzene6000 L (Note 2, 5)
Geosmin (mold smell)6000 L (Note 2, 3)
Phenols6000 L (Note 2, 3)
Carbon tetrachloride6000 L (Note 2, 6)
Removable substancesIron (particulate form)Can be removed (Note 7)
Aluminium (neutral)Can be removed (Note 7)
Guide for time to replace cartridgeApprox. 1 year (Note 8)
Filter materialNon-woven fabric, ceramic, activated carbon, hollow fiber membrane
Components which cannot be filtered outIron dissolved in water, heavy metals (silver, copper, etc.), salt (seawater)
Length of power cordApprox. 3 m
Power protection deviceCurrent fuse: 2.5 A
Note* All figures given are for a water temperature of 20 °C.* This product cannot convert hard water into soft water.* The total volume of water coming out of the main spout, drain hose is given as the run through water volume and daily volume of water used.* Activated carbon uses powdered activated carbon and granular activated carbon.(Note1) This period may be shorter depending on the water quality and usage environment.(Note2) The amount of water that can be used with Alkaline 1 to 3 in Standard Milder mode is equivalent to about 94 % of the filtration flow volume (water purifying capacity).(Note3) This value is for a removal rate of 80 % based on JIS S 3201 tests.(Note4) This value is for a filtration flow volume of 50 % based on JIS S 3201 tests.(Note5) This value is for a removal rate of 80 % based on JIS S 3201 Annex A tests.(Note6) This value is for a removal rate of 80 % based on specifi cation standard tests (JWPAS B standards) stipulated by the Japan Water Purifi er Association (JWPA).(Note7) This substance is for a removal rate of 80 % based on specification standard tests (JWPAS B standards) stipulated by the Japan Water Purifier Association (JWPA). Note that it is not stipulated as part of purification capacity.(Note8) This period applies when 15 liters of water are used a day. If 30 liters are used a day, the cartridge usage limit will be approximately one-half.The period may also be signifi cantly less depending on the amount of water used and on its quality and pressure.
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