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Alkaline Ionizer Under Sink Type TK-AB50-ZEX

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  • Generates 5 Kinds of Water\n3 Levels Alkaline, Purified, 1 Level Weak Acidic

  • Alkaline Ionized Water is safe to drink, improves gastrointestinal function, and can be used effectively for cooking.

  • High Performance 4-stage Filtration Removes 99.999% of Bacteria and Harmful Substances: JIS 13 + JWPA 4 Substances

  • Under Sink Type\nCan Be Installed Stylishly in Your Kitchen.

  • Main Unit: Height 300 mm, Width 170 mm, Depth 115 mm, Weight approx. 2.4 kg (approx. 2.9 kg when full of water)

  • Faucet: Mounting hole diameter 35-38 mm, Dimensions (turning radius x height) 171 x 310 mm

Incl. VAT 53,500,000 ₫
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ELECTROLYSISElectrolytic Capability Selection 5 Levels (Alkaline: 3 levels; Purified, Weak Acidic: 1 level) 
Output Water Volume (Generated Water Flow Amouunt)1.8 liters/min (When the water pressure is 100 kPa)
2.8 liters/min (When the water pressure is 100 kPa)
Electrolysis MethodContinuous Electrolysis
Continuous Operation CapacityApprox. 10 mins at Room Temperature  (*1)
Electrolyzer LifeApprox. 850 hours Cumulative (Ion Water Production Time, Cleaning Time Only)
Electrolytic CleaningAuto Cleaning Method (Cleaning Time: about 35 secs; Sewage discharging time: about 15 secs)
Number of Electrodes5
Material of ElectrodesBaked platinum coated titanium electrodes
GENERAL INFORMATIONRating220 ‐240 V, 50 Hz, 0.45 A
Electric Power ConsumptionApprox. 42 W (Approx. 1 W During Standby)
Main Unit Usable Water TemperatureUnder 35 ˚c
Main Unit Usable Water Pressure70 - 350 kPa
Usable Water Service Pressure (Static Pressure) 70 - 750 kPa
Length of Power CordPower supply part: About 1200 mm;
Control panel part: About 940 mm
PURIFICATION CAPACITY Filtration Flow Volume2.3 litres /min (When the water pressure is 100 kPa) (*2)
Cartridge Installed in the UnitTK-AS45C1
Using NSF certified activated carbon (*3)
Removable Substances Stiplated by JISFree Residual Chlorine /12,000 litres (*4)
Total trihalomethane /12,000 litres (*4)
2-MIB (Mold Smell) /12,000 litres (*4)
Soluble Lead / Chloroform /12,000 litres (*4)
Bromodichloromethane /12,000 litres (*4)
Dibromochloromethane /12,000 litres (*4)
Bromoform / Tetrachloroethylene /12,000 litres (*4)
Trichloroethylene /12,000 litres (*4)
1,1,1-Trichloroethane /12,000 litres (*4)
CAT (Agricultural Chemicals)12,000 litres (*4)
Turbidity12,000 litres (*5)
Removable Substances Stiplated by JWPAIron (Fine Particles)Yes
Aluminum (Neutral)Yes
Geosmin (Musty Odor)12,000 litres (*6)
Phenoles12,000 litres (*6)
Filter Usage Limit (Guide to Replacement)Approx. 1 year (*7)
Filter MaterialsNon-Woven Fabric, Granular Activated
Carbon, Ceramic, Powdered Activated
Carbon, Hollow Fiber Membrane (MF)
Non-removable Substances Iron Dissolved in Water, Heavy Metals (Silver, Copper,etc.), Salt (Seawater)
NOTES•The above values are given for cartridge TK-AS45C1. •All figures given are for a water temperature of 20 ˚c. •This product cannot convert hard water into soft water.
*1 : This period may be shorter depending on the water quality and usage environment.
*2 : The water which can be used as alkaline ion water and acidic water is equivalent to about 80 % of the filtration flow volume.
*3 : Activated carbon (APG-05TGA 60/200) manufactured by Kuraray Co., Ltd. is tested and certified by NSF international against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material requirements only. (Check Date:2019.3.1)
*4 : This value is for a removal rate of 80 % based on JIS S 3201 tests.
*5 : This value is for a filtration flow volume of 50 % based on JIS S 3201 tests.
*6 : This value is for a removal rate of 80 % based on specification standard tests (JWPAS B standards) stipulated by the Japan Water Purifier Association (JWPA). Note that the removal of iron (particulate form) and aluminum (neutral) are not stipulated as part of purification capacity.
*7 : This period applies when 30 liters of water are used a day. The standard of the changing time of filter material (cartridge) will have obvious differences due to the type of the
filtered substance, used water volume, water quality, water pressure and other factors.
Note: Specifications are each subject to change without notice.
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