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Nồi cơm điện SR-CP108NRAM 1,0L

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  • Lòng nồi dày 4,0 mm với 6 lớp vật liệu giúp cơm chín đều
  • 16 menu tự động (chế độ ăn kiêng, cơm niêu, bánh và nhiều menu khác nữa)
  • Màn hình LED trắng dễ dàng theo dõi
Incl. VAT 2,490,000 ₫
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Extra Thickness, Extra Fluffiness

4.0 mm with 6-layer Inner Pan / 16 Auto Menus / Easy Viewing White LED Display / Detachable Inner Lid and Steam Vent / Stainless Steel Lid Panel and SUS Cover Steam Vent / Keep Warm Function

Extra Thickness, Extra Fluffiness

4.0 mm extra thick inner pan can efficiently store thermal energy inside the pan. This delivers heat to every grain of rice evenly and ensures freshly cooked rice to be more fluffy.

4.0 mm with 6-layer Inner Pan for Even Cooking

By combining heat-transmitting and heat-retaining materials, it is possible to get closer to the ideal rice cooking process.

White Rice

The range of modes include the ability to choose from regular, soft or hard texture for white rice.
1. White Rice (Regular)
2. White Rice (Soft)
3. White Rice (Hard)
4. Quick

Healthy Rice

Alternatively, choose the healthier option modes for quinoa, brown rice and multigrain.
5. Quinoa
6. Brown Rice
7. Multi Grain

Versatile Menus

There's also additional menus for other kitchen favourites.
8. Jasmine Rice
9. Sticky Rice
10. Porridge
11. Clay Pot Rice
12. Soup
13. Slow Cook
14. Cake
15. Bread
16. Steam

Easy Viewing White LED Display

The bright white LED on the top panel provides clear view anytime of the day and simple operation.

Easy Cleaning Detachable Inner Lid and Steam Vent

The inner lid and steam vent can be easily removed for cleaning.

  • 4.0 mm with 6-layer for even cooking

  • 16 auto menus (dietary rice, clay pot, cakes and more)

  • Easy viewing white LED display

Size and Weight

Cooking Capacity1.0 L
Voltage / Plug220V / C2+Earth (2 P)
Heater Power640 W
Inner PanInner Coat : Black Non-Stick Coating
Outer Coat: Almite & Black paint
Steam Vent / CapDetachable Vent
Keep Warm12 H
Display (88H88M)White LED
TimerDelay Timer
Quick CookYes
Number of Menu16
Menu ContentsWhite Rice (Regular)
White Rice (Soft)
White Rice (Hard)
Quick / Qinoa
Brown Rice
Multi Grain
Jasmine Rice
Sticky Rice
Clay Pot Rice
Soup / Slow Cook
Cake / Bread
Dimensions (WxDxH)245 x 349 x 209 mm
Weight3.4 kg
Power Cord Length1.2 m
AccessarySteam Basket (Basket with foot), Rice Scoop, Porridge Scoop, Measuring Cup, Scoop Holder
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