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Lò vi sóng Panasonic

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Healthy and Tender Grill with User Friendly Dual Function Grill Microwave Oven

Enjoy versatile cooking easily with dual cooking functions in a grill microwave own. The mechanical dial operation gives you direct access to quickly set desired heat settings without complications. The minimalist design and essential functions make cooking more convenient everyday.

Dual Cooking Functions for Quick and Tasty Results

The microwave power penetrates and cook food quickly, while the grill provides ordinary browning and crispiness. All this happens in combined & repeated sequence, resulting in speedier cooking. *Image is for illustrative purposes only.

Enhanced Heating Power for Better Performance

Power can be adjusted in five levels for different heat settings up to a maximum of 900 W to give you the flexibility for quick & healthy daily cooked meals at home.

Quick and Easy Defrosting that Maintains Flavour

Quick and even defrosting helps improve the efficiency of everyday cooking. Food is optimally heated according to weight and defrosts without losing its texture or flavour.

Compact Design to Fit Any Kitchen

The simple, minimalist design adds a stylish touch to any kitchen while the compact size effectively uses kitchen space.

Push-to-Open Button for Easy Opening

Minimalist design features a convenient push-to-open button. Simply push it to easily open the door.

Intuitive Operation with Mechanical Dial

The mechanical dial offers simple and intuitive control. Simply turn the knob to your preferred settings and start cooking immediately.

Looking for Something Delicious?

Get delicious & Healthy Everyday recipe ideas from the Healthy Everyday Panasonic Cooking website.
Enjoy browsing, cooking and, most importantly, eating!

  • 900 W Grill Microwave with Mechanical Dial

  • 5 Level Power Setting

  • Dual Cooking – Microwave and Grill

  • Easy Defrost by Weight

  • Push-to-Open Button for Easy Opening

Size and Weight

Power SupplyLC
Grill1000W(Quatz 2pcs)
Oven InteriorColorGray
DoorDoor DesignPush Open
Control PanelPanel DesignDial
Power Level etc.MW Power Level5 Level (High 900W , Med-High 700W, Medium 400W, Defrost 300W, Low 200W)
Grill Power LevelGrill 1(1000W)
MenuQuick 30No
Size of Glass Tray288mm
AccessoryGlass Tray ,Wire Rack(Φ207*90㎜)
Power Source220V / 50HZ
Power ConsumptionMicrowave1330W
DimensionsOutside HxWxD (mm)280 (H) x 469 (W) x 380 (D)
Oven HxWxD (mm)236 (H) x 329 (W) x 326 (D)
WeightNet13 kg
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