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3-in-1 Convection Microwave Oven NN-CT66MBYUE

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  • 3-in-1 Convection/Grill/Microwave Oven

  • 900W Microwave Power

  • 1400W Grill Power

  • 100-200 Degrees Convection Temperature

  • Large 315mm Turntable

  • 20 Auto Menu Programs

Incl. VAT 5,700,000 ₫

3-in-1 Multi Oven for Versatile Cooking

The space-saving 27L 3-in-1 Convection Microwave Oven helps with the easy preparation of healthy meals for the whole family with 20 Auto Menu programs.

Various Healthy Menus

This microwave comes with 5 Healthy Menu options. Anyone worried about oil and calories can still enjoy healthy yet surprisingly crispy fried foods. Enjoy a healthy diet without giving up the foods you love. *No oil is required when using healthy menus 14,15,16,17 and 18.

Combination Cooking
(6 Levels)

The Combination cooking modes combine Microwave, Grill and Convection which work together to provide the optimal cooking method to ensure delicious results everytime.
The microwave power cooks food quickly while the grill and convection creates browning and crisping without over/under cooking foods.

Combination 1.

Microwave 450W + Grill 700W

Combination 2.

Microwave 250W + Grill 1000W + Convection 200°C

Combination 3.

Microwave 250W + Grill 480W + Convection 200°C

Combination 4.

Microwave 450W + Grill 700W + Convection 200°C

Combination 5.

Microwave 250W + Grill 1000W

Combination 6.

Grill 1000W + Convection 200°C

Auto Defrost

Easy Defrosting is now possible. With this feature you can defrost frozen food easily according to the weight.

Wide Selection of Popular Cooking Programs

Wide selection of Auto program options for cooking at the press of a button. Easy to use with 20 Pre-programmed Auto Cook menus.

Sophisticated Yet Compact Design

The simple, minimalistic design featuring a half mirror glass door adds a stylish touch to any kitchen while the compact size effectively uses kitchen space.

User Friendly Design

Stainless interior for easy cleaning and easy operation by touch membrane.

  • 3-in-1 Convection/Grill/Microwave Oven

  • 900W Microwave Power

  • 1400W Grill Power

  • 100-200 Degrees Convection Temperature

  • Large 315mm Turntable

  • 20 Auto Menu Programs

Size and Weight


Capacity 27L

Capacity27 L
Power SupplyLC
Grill (Heater Type)1400 W ( Sheathed )
Convection1000 W ( Sheathed + Fan )
Number of CombinationC1-C6, 6 settings
Body (Cabinet)Black Paint
Oven InteriorMaterial (Color)Stainless Steel
DoorDoor DesignSide Open
Handle (Door Open)Handle (2pcs + Black Matt Paint)
ScreenBlack Masking With Half Mirror Glass
Control PanelPanel DesignMembrane with Half Mirror
Operation Key3-7 2-2 / 24Keys
Color4 Digit + Pct
LED Light ColorBlack
Power Level etc.MW Power Level5 Levels
900W , 715W , 440W , 250W , 100W
High ,Med-High, Med , Def , Low
Grill Power Level2 Levels (G-1 1400W : G-2 970W)
Convection100-200℃ (11 Levels)
Combination (MW+Grill)C-1 Combi 1 MW 450W : Grill 700W
C-5 Combi 5 MW 250W : Grill 1000W
Combination (Grill+Conv.)C-6 Combi 6 Grill 1000W : Convection 1400W
Combination (MW+Grill+Conv.)C-2 Combi 2 MW 250W : Grill 1000W : Convection 720W
C-3 Combi 3 MW 250W : Grill 480W : Convection 720W
C-4 Combi 4 MW 450W : Grill 700W : Convection 500W
Child LockYes
Stage Cooking3 Stage
Setting Time (Max.)Microwave (High)30min 00sec
Microwave (Other)99min 50sec
Grill99min 50sec
Convection99min 50sec
Combination99min 50sec
Kitchen Timer99min 50sec
Standing Time99min 50sec
Delay Start99min 50sec
MenuQuick 30Yes
Add TimeYes
Aqua CleanYes (same spec as CT36HBYUE)
Auto ReheatRefer Auto Menu sheet for detail
1. Soup / Drink
2. Meal
3. Fried Food
Number of Auto Reheat3 categories
Select of Auto ReheatSelect Menu by tapping "Auto Reheat" key,
then select weight by "Up/Down" key
Auto CookRefer Auto Menu sheet for detail
Steamed Fish
Heathy Menu
Cake / Cookies
Number of Auto Menu20 menus
Select of Auto MenuSelect Menu by tapping Category key,
then select weight by "Up/Down" key
DefrostAuto DefrostRefer Auto Menu sheet for detail
1. Small Pieces
2. Big Piece
3. Vegetables
4. Bread / Cake
Number of Category4 categories
Set of WeightSelect of Def. category by tapping of "Auto Def." key,
then set weight by "Up/Down" key
KeyClean KeyAqua Clean
Timer/ClockTimer 90min , Clock 12H
Size of Glass Tray315mm (Glass)
Pulley shaft materialsTeflon with water proof protect
Printed MaterialOperating InstructionVietnamese / Malaysian / Cantonese / English
Menu LabelYes ( English / Vietnamese )
Warrantee CardYes
Door POPSame as CT65MBYUE
AccessoryHigh / Low Round Wire Rack,Glass Tray
Safety Standard220V,50Hz
Quacert +VietnamEMC
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