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Bàn ủi hơi nước Panasonic

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Quick Garment Care via Powerful Steam from a Wider Steam Head

Powerful and broad steam coverage help to remove wrinkles with fewer strokes, which saves time when getting ready for the day.

Quickly Remove Wrinkles for More Time with Family

Powerful steam removes wrinkles in a shorter time, letting you spend more quality time with family.

Fewer Strokes for Longer Garments

The broad steam coverage from the 1.5-times wider steam head quickly removes wrinkles.

Easily Smooth Out Wrinkles

Quickly smooth out deep wrinkles with steam power up to 40 g/min. The large 1.5 L detachable water tank even last longer between refills.

Efficient Ironing Anytime

Wait no more than 40 seconds for the steamer to start. Steam clothes and go.

Adjustable Steam for All Fabrics

There are two different types of steam settings that provide greater convenience. The “Cotton・Thick” setting tackles thicker fabrics. The “Silk・Thin” setting gently handles delicate fabrics.

Iron Different Lengths of Clothes Easily

The height of the pole can be adjusted freely and folded compactly for storage.

Easy Maintenance for Longer Product Lifetime

The removable hose allows an internal rinse to prevent clogging due to calc buildup.

Heat-resistant Glove for Extra Protection

The glove protects your hand from steam and heat while ironing.

  • Fewer Strokes with 1.5 Times Wider Steam Head for Easy Ironing

  • Wrinkle Removal with 40 g/m of Continuous Powerful Steam

  • Ready to Use in 40 seconds

  • Adjustable Steam Setting for All Fabrics

  • Adjustable Pole for Different Lengths of Clothes

  • Extra Protection with Heat-resistant Glove

Size and Weight

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Wattage/Voltage/Hz1680-2000 W / 220-240 V / 50 -60 Hz
Steam Amount40±5 g/min (240 V)
Steam Setting2-Level Steam
Water TankDetachable / 1.5 L
Ready TimeApprox. 40 seconds
PoleSingle Pole (Adjustable Height)
Cord Length1.5 m
Hose Length1.2 m
NOTES*1 As compared to Panasonic’s NI-GSE series.
*2 at 240V
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