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  • Input Power: 1,400 W
  • Suction Power: 350 W
  • 0.6ℓ Dust Capacity
  • Variable Power Control
  • Telescopic Plastic Wand
  • Air Dust Catcher
  • Blower
  • 3-Step Telescopic Crevice & Dusting
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Cocolo – Compact & Powerful

• Input Power: 1400 W
• Suction Power: 350 W
• Dust Capacity: 0.6L
• Eco Power and Compact
• Variable Power Control
• Air Dust Catcher
• 3 Step Nozzle (about 70cm)

ECO with High Suction Power

Power-saving, eco-conscious design with a high-performance motor that collects dust quickly, the energy efficiency CG300 series is at least 130% greater than our conventional vacuum cleaner!

Equipped with Panasonic’s higher suction power motor, Cocolo is a timesaving appliance requiring less power than ever before*.

Enjoy reduced electric bills while contributing to your local environment.

* Compared with previous Panasonic models

Twin Cyclone Type dust collection

Two swirling airflows are generated in the dust compartment, ensuring air passage to prevent clogging. Compact, yet the unit contains a large dust compartment.

Compact Design

With its compact design, this is a vacuum cleaner that can be stored just about anywhere! So you won’t have any problems finding a place to put it!

Air Dust Catcher

The brand-new nozzle snatches dust and other particles floating in the air up to from the floor level so that even when babies or small children are close by, you can vacuum at will while knowing that they will be safe and protected.


The blower circulates the air and blows it around so that the dust that has accumulated in inaccessible places is stirred up and sucked up.

Best used to clean lighting fixture, house plants, window corners and virtually anywhere; keeping fragile objects dust-free.

* Do blowing before vacuuming the floors

3-Step Telescopic Crevice & Dusting

You can easily reach problem spots with 3-step telescopic nozzle. With 3-step Nozzle, you can clean narrow spaces around furniture, below couches and in high places previously out of reach with the usual nozzles. Now, you can enjoy an entirely dust-free house.

Easy to Empty Dust Compartment

To keep up the suction force, preferably clean up the dust compartment and filter at short intervals.

1. Move the dust-off lever to drop down dust particles.
2. Open and empty the dust compartment.
3. Remove remaining dust off the mesh.
4. Finally remove dust off the pleated filter.

  • Input Power: 1400 W

  • Suction Power: 350 W

  • Air Dust Catcher

Type Bagless
Input Power (Watt) 1400W
Suction Power (W) 350W
Dust Capacity (ℓ) 0.6L
Dust-Bag C-13
Blower Yes
Cord Length (m) 5.0m
Floor Nozzle Air Dust Catcher
Power Control Variable
Extension Wand Plastic Telescopic
Color Blue
Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) 308 x 256 x 232
Body Weight (kg) 3.6
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