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1.5L Low Sugar Induction Heater (IH) Rice Cooker SR-HL151KRA

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  • Cảm ứng từ (IH) để cơm chín đều
  • Giảm đường, tăng kháng tinh bột
  • Kiểm soát nhiệt độ chính xác cho cơm ngon mềm hơn
  • Ruột nồi phủ chống dính và bền bỉ
  • Nồi cơm điện đa năng và tiện lợi với 11 thực đơn
Incl. VAT 4,990,000 ₫
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Healthy & Delicious Low Sugar Rice,
Just A Touch Away

Savour delicious, fragrant rice without the unhealthy sugars. Panasonic’s latest IH low-sugar steaming technologies turn this common staple food into healthy, delicious rice.

Healthier Eating with Low Sugar Rice

Low sugar rice is a healthier alternative for everyone in the family, including elders, expecting mothers, diabetics or individuals embarking on a healthy, low-sugar diet or weight loss programme.

Low on Sugar, Increase in Resistant Starch

Resistant starch contains fewer calories than regular starch. It can effectively lower blood sugar levels after meals and improve gut and overall health.

Induction Heating for Even Cooking

The dual-layer IH conducts 3D heating where heat is evenly conducted to surround the inner pan to cook rice thoroughly from the inside out.

Breakdown Starch

Cooks rice with high heat utilising IH technology to turn rice starch into a more soluble form.

Separates Starch Water from Rice

The soluble starch is dripped down and kept separated from the rice to reduce the starch content.

Steams Rice Evenly

The healthy, low-sugar rice is then steamed evenly to bring out its natural flavours.

Precise Temperature Control for Tasty & Fluffy Rice

Precise temperature control uses intelligent sensors and the built-in inverter to ensure rice is cooked at the right temperature for tasty & fluffy rice.

Better Heating with Binchotan Charcoal

The Binchotan Charcoal coated inner pot has excellent thermal conductivity and heat retention which transfers heat quickly and effectively during cooking.

Non-Stick & Durable Inner Pot

The non-stick inner pot coating makes daily cleaning easy, while its durable build ensures the pot lasts for a long time even after consistent use.

Multiple Cooking Functions

Easily cook more than just rice with multiple cooking functions for you and your family's ever-changing taste buds.

11 Easy Accessible Menus

Easily cook from a variety of 11 healthy menu options - Healthy Low Sugar Rice, Enhanced Taste, White rice, Quick/Quinoa, Long-grain Rice, Brown Rice, Multigrain, Congee/Soup, Cake, Reheat and Steam.

15 Minutes Reheat & Keep Warm for up to 5 hrs

Quickly reheat cooled rice in just 15 minutes while keeping them warm for up to 5 hours.

Easy Timer with Adjustable Cooking Time

Built-in timer allows you to easily prep and time your rice cooking time with a 24 hr preset timer for maximum cooking convenience.

Designed for Wellbeing

Panasonic’s IH Rice Cooker is designed to be modern and yet minimal to stand out on your kitchen counter without compromising usability and convenience.

  • Cooking capacity: 1.5L

  • Induction Heating (IH) for even cooking

  • Low on sugar, increase in resistant starch

  • Precise temperature control for tasty & fluffy rice

  • Non-stick & durable inner pot

  • Convenient & versatile cooking with 11 menus

Size and Weight


*Please check the minimum space requirements for installation.

Product ExteriorBlack
Product dimension (mm)272 x 335 x 226
Gross/Net weight (kg)5.5 / 4.7
Voltage220V 50Hz SH-3
CertificationCB + CR + Energy Efficiency + Food Grade
Control PanelElectrostatic Touch
Inner LidAL Heating Plate
Inner PanSUS Thick Inner Pot 1.7mm~2.0mm
Inner Paint - Black
Outer Paint - Polishing
11 Auto MenusHealthy Low Sugar Rice, Enhanced Taste, White Rice, Quick/Quinoa, Reheat, Long Grain, Brown Rice, Steam, Congee/Soup, Multigrain, Cake
Keep Warm Time5 H
Preset Timer24H Preset
AccessoriesRice Scoop, Soup Scoop, Measuring Cup, Sugar Steamer
Steam BasketSUS304 Steamer
Operation LanguageEnglish
Operating ManualEnglish, Vietnamese
Warranty CardYes
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