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0.7L Microcomputer Rice Cooker SR-DB071KRA

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  • Nồi cơm điện nhỏ gọn và đa năng với 12 thực đơn tự động
  • Kiểm soát nhiệt độ chính xác cho cơm ngon mềm hơn
  • Hâm nóng 15 phút và giữ ấm tối đa 5 giờ
  • Làm sạch dễ dàng với ruột nồi chống dính và nắp có thể tháo rời
Incl. VAT 2,490,000 ₫

Compact & Versatile
for Everyday Cooking

Experience limitless rice cooking possibilities with Panasonic's Microcomputer Rice Cooker. Easily carry it out to cook fluffy, delicious rice or neatly store it in your pantry thanks to its compact & portable size.

Compact in Size Just Enough for You

Minimally sized and designed to fit your lifestyle. Its 0.7L capacity (0.5 - 4 cups of rice) is suitable for small families or personal portions.

3 Easy Settings for Delicious Everyday Rice

Select “Standard” to cook rice evenly while “Slow” for fluffy, well-textured rice or “Quick” to cook rice quickly when you’re in a hurry.

Precise Temperature Control for Tasty, Fluffy Rice

Smartly detects rice volume to automatically adjust cooking temperature and time to ensure rice is cooked at the optimum condition for tasty, fluffy rice.

15 Minutes Reheat & Keep Warm for up to 5 hrs

Conveniently reheat rice in just 15 minutes that tastes just like freshly cooked rice. It also keeps freshly cooked and reheated rice warm for up to 5 hours.

Versatile & Convenient Cooking

Thanks to Panasonic’s versatile cooking technology, you can easily cook more than just rice with up to 12 pre-programmed recipes for quick and easy meals.

Braised Rice

Conveniently cook a simple and delicious braised rice during busy days.

Steam Cake

Make guilt-free steam cakes easily with "Cake" mode. Great for those who do not have an oven but wish to bake cakes.


Enjoy a warm and hearty bowl of soup after work. Just prepare the ingredients and set the rice cooker on 'Soup' mode.


Make yoghurt easily with "Fermentation" mode. Just pour the ingredients in and let them ferment.

Easy to Clean Non-stick Inner Pan

Non-stick inner coating ensures easy cleaning even after cooking starch-dense food like rice.

Removable Lid for Easy Cleaning

The removable lid allows you to easily clean it when you need to store it for a long time.

Compact Size for Any Lifestyles

Panasonic's Microcomputer Rice Cooker is designed to fit your ever-changing lifestyle with various accessible cooking functions. The small, compact size allows you to store conveniently in narrow spaces.

  • Cooking capacity: 0.7L

  • Compact & versatile cooking with 12 auto menus

  • Precise temperature control for tasty, fluffy rice

  • 15 minutes reheat & keep warm for up to 5 hrs

  • Hassle-free cleaning with non-stick inner pan & removable lid

Size and Weight


*Please check the minimum space requirements for installation.

Product Dimension (mm)240 x 320 x 200
Gross/Net Weight (kg)3.4 / 2.7
Voltage220V 50Hz SH-3
CertificationCB + CR + Energy Efficiency + Food Grade
Control PanelElectrostatic Touch Panel
Steam VentDetachable
Inner LidAL Detachable
Inner Pan1.4mm Thickness,
Black Inner Paint, Gold Outer Paint
12 Auto MenusWhite Rice, Sticky Rice, Quick, Mixed Rice, Brown Rice, Reheat, Porridge, Stew/Soup, Steam, Instant Boil, Yogurt, Cake
Keep Warm5H
Preset Time24H
AccessoriesRice Scoop, Soup Scoop, Measuring Cup
Operating LanguageEnglish
Operation ManualEnglish, Vietnamese
Warranty CardYes
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