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Tumbler Blender MX-XP103WRA

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  • Cốc chất liệu nhựa an toàn, không chứa BPA, trọng lượng nhẹ
  • Lưỡi dao zigzag bằng thép không gỉ
  • Xay đá dễ dàng
  • Công suất tối đa 450W
  • Thiết kế an toàn với thiết bị bảo vệ Ngắt nhiệt (TCO)
  • Bao gồm: 2 bình xay, 2 nắp đậy bằng nhựa (1 nắp có vòi, 1 nắp đậy)
Incl. VAT 1,140,000 ₫
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Enjoy Healthy Blended Drinks On-The-Go Every Day

Freshly made smoothies can be carried in your bag. The tumbler is made from lightweight plastic and is BPA-free, making it safe for direct drinking. Nutritious smoothies can be easily made every day, helping to improve an unbalanced diet.

Designed to Fit Anywhere in the House

It is compact to fit anywhere in your kitchen or any space in the house. Conveniently helps you to prepare nutritious smoothies daily to improve unbalanced diets.

Take Your Very Own Hand- Crafted Smoothie on the Go

Blend smoothies and directly store in the tumbler with the affixed lid on or take it out immediately on the go. Detach the blades and affix the lid before placing the tumbler blender in the bag and you’re ready to go. *When using the spout lid, do not tilt or turn the container upside down to prevent spillage.

Sawtooth Blades Cut Hard Foods Such As Ice and Nuts

The unique sawtooth blades are designed to efficiently blend various ingredients, combining powerful crushing and fine cutting. You can crush up to 100 g*1 of ice at one time and make smoothies with nuts and other hard ingredients*2. *115 g ice cubes produced by a household fridge.
*2Some ingredients may not be used.

Smooth Blending with Powerful Circulation

Thanks to the unique tumbler shape with four ribs, the ingredients are circulated thoroughly and evenly. The gaps between the ribs and blades are adjusted and designed in a well-balanced way to prevent the blades from sustaining significant damage while chopping ingredients finely.

STEP 1: Add the Ingredients

Place your choice of fruit or vegetables, ice and liquid in the tumbler and affix the blade base.

STEP 2: Easy Blending

Once the tumbler stand is attached and set in the unit, simply turn the tumbler to start blending. The simple one-speed function is intuitive to use.

STEP 3: Done and Ready to Drink!

When blending is done, remove the tumbler, affix the drinking spout lid, bring it on the go and drink directly!

Safe Design with Thermal-Cut-Off (TCO) Protection Device

Temperature and current are detected by power consumption so that the motor can stop before failing due to overload.

Stress-Free Cleaning

The tumbler which is made of BPA-free plastic is lightweight for easy handling. The tumbler and lid are dishwasher-safe* for stress-free cleaning. *Remove gaskets from the lid.

  • BPA-Free Lightweight Plastic Tumbler

  • Stainless Steel Sawtooth Blades

  • Ice Crushing with Ease

  • 450 W Max Locked Wattage

  • Safe Design with Thermal-Cut-Off (TCO) Protection

  • Mill & Accessories: 2 x plastic blender container (1 x black spout lid; 1 x white lid )

Size and Weight

Power Supply220V・50-60Hz
DimentionsW×D×H (Approx.) 120 x 120 x 322 mm
Weight1.1 kg
Basic SpecPower consumption310W
Speed settingOn / Off
Working capacity400ml
Attachment Lid with opening capX1
Lid without opening capX1
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